BenoƮt Harel, Chair of the European IIA Quality Group
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Benoît Harel graduated from Audencia–Nantes Business School. He is Certified Internal Auditor, Certified in Risk Management Assessment and Chartered Accountant in France.

He began his career at KPMG as external auditor during 5 years, for companies in the energy, industry and electronics sectors. He then joined the advisory department of his firm during 6 years: he has been in charge of setting up and leading  the performance of audit plans of BigCaps US and French companies in Europe. He managed the implementation of several risk management projects and of large internal control frameworks. He also led several external quality assessments of internal audit for BigCaps companies before joining IFACI.

Since 2009 Benoît is managing a team of 30 Internal Audit Experts for Quality Evaluations and Certifications. Benoit is also the Chair of the European IIA Quality Group. Benoît Harel delivers trainings to Chief Audit Executives to help them developing their Performance and Quality Improvement Programs. He set up a database of best practices based on 250 Quality Certifications. He also wrote a white paper on the interaction of Audit Committees and Internal Audit.